• RW1575 Articulating Trench RollerRW1575 Articulating Trench Roller

    RW1575 Articulating Trench Roller


    New to the trench roller range is the Rammax 1575 with both articulation and oscillation. It sets new standards regarding noise emissions and most of all fuel consumption. With the oscillation function the machine adapts to the surface and therefore allows optimised compaction results and stable running. Four powerful hydraulic motors and two hydraulic steering cylinders guarantee dynamic drive performance and perfect mobility, even in small spaces. The fully automatic engine control system reduces the rpm to idle during standstill. With the first operation the engine rises within a split second back to working speed. This substantially helps to reduce the Diesel consumption and noise emmissions.

    Brand: Ammann




    • Operating width 640/850
    • Operating weight 1400/1450
    • Operating speed 20m/min
    • Climbing ability 50%
    • Amplitude 1.1 mm
    • Frequency 41 hz
    • Centrifugal Force 75 kn max
    • Powered by Yanmar Water Cooled Diesel
    • Even distribution of directed compaction force
    • Cable and/or infrared remote control

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