• PB15.75 Spider Lift

    PB15.75 Spider Lift


    The spider is a super compact access platform, mounted on a tracked chassis. It is perfect for all types of terrains, in particular rough terrains, but with non-marking tracks it is also ideal for indoor use.The spider stabilizer legs can be set up in different positions and on different levels, to ensure the maximum working conditions, particularly where other machines cannot work. Ideal for arborists, rental companies, convention centers and painting contractors where hard to reach places, dual fuel and height access are needed. Click here for a video showing the benefits of the PB1575. Click here for the Operator training video.

    Brand: Platform Basket




    • Working height 1500 m.
    • Working height to the basket floor 1300 m.
    • Max cage capacity 200 kg
    • Cage dimensions 120x066x110 m.
    • Max side outreach 850 m./ 80 kg
    • Height in stowed position min. 191 m./max 21
    • Width min. 078 m./max 2.1
    • Length 425/4.92 m.
    • Max gradeability 24°
    • Dual Fuel 240 volts/Petrol (Diesel Option)
    • Non marking tracks
    • Able to fit through a standard door
    • Expanding/retracting tracks
    • Complies with AS1418.10 standards