Space Age Solution from Makinex

MAKINEX RENEWABLES, a subsidiary of the parent Makinex company is now following in its footsteps with a Hybrid Power System designed for construction sites, temporary residences, remote locations or anywhere that has a reliance on diesel generator power. The space age looking Makinex MKX-HPS range is a single skid system consisting of solar panels, batteries, inverters and a diesel generator which is powered by a diesel engine to create an energy solution that is portable, silent, and clean.

The big benefits that you get from the Makinex Hybrid Power System is that it can operate 24/7, deployment is quick, it’s easy to install and what’s more the construction is strong and robust. Depending on the model, diesel generator power is 15kVA-45kVA, the battery 28kWh-64kWh and the solar power output 4kW-8kW.

Furthermore, it comes with a 400L fuel tank, has solar panels that are frame mounted, general purpose outlets or hardwire connection and remote monitoring, diagnostics and a remote stop/start.