PB27.14 Spider Lift

PB27.14 tracked platform basket at max height of 27M - ideal for indoor & outdoor

Stowing to an incredible 890 mm wide, this Spider Lift delivers the most reach from the smallest dimensions. An unbeatable machine for confined area access to taller heights. 

The tracks expand to 1.815 mm for stability off-road, and retract to only 890 mm which allows the 27.14 to go anywhere! Uniquely these Spider Lifts can rotate a full 360 degrees even when the legs are set in the narrow position, and up to 15M of horizontal outreach can be achieved in the wide set position. Strength and rigidity are standout features of this machine. It has to be experienced to believe how stable this platform is, making it ideal for the heavy-duty applications, and it’s still right at home indoors or on fragile surfaces.


Weight 5120 kg
Working height max. 27M
Capacity 230 kg


  • Cage dimensions 1.180M x 0.720M
  • Max horizontal outreach 15.1M
  • Height in stowed position 1.99M
  • Length 6.630M (incl basket)
  • Max gradeability lengthwise 17 degrees
  • Dual Fuel 240 volts/Kubota 22 hp
  • Non marking tracks
  • Able to fit through a standard door
  • Expanding/retracting tracks
  • Complies with AS1418.10 standards