ARX40-2 Light Tandem Vibrating Roller

ARX40-2 4.2 ton light tandem vibrating roller features an atriculation joint - adjusts from in-line to offset configuration


The Ammann ARX40-2 Light Tandem Roller makes it easier to see – and work – near obstructions. The roller features a new articulating joint that enables quick drum adjustment from in-line to offset configurations, helpful when working close to obstructions. Operators need watch only one drum, knowing the second will be a safe distance from the obstacle.
The in-line drum setting is available when it’s time for productivity in open spaces. Ammann ARX40-2 light vibrating rollers are designed for use on small to medium construction sites in the fields of road construction, landscape gardening and landscaping. ARX rollers have proved themselves as very efficient and effective machines for blacktop compaction and for compacting unbonded base layers.


Weight 4160kg
Drum Width 1300mm / Rolling Width = 1340mm
Centrifugal Force I/II/III42.4 kN / 53.8 kN / 55kN
Frequency I/II41 Hz / 55 Hz


  • Operation weight 4450kg
  • Power by Kubota D1803-CR-T-E4B
  • Full side clearance right and left
  • Easy engine access
  • Teflon articulated joint with lifetime lubrication
  • Multiple water filtration
  • Foldable ROPS for easy transport
  • Two scrapers per drum

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