ARR 1575 Articulating Trench Roller

The Ammann ARR1575 1.6 ton Heavy Single Drum Roller is a soil compactor with a compaction system developed to optimum compaction result


The ARR 1575 is an articulated trench roller that provides perfect ground contact and optimal compaction. The machine and its padfoot drum provide results, even where other compactors have failed. Its ability to work in cohesive soils can prevent the need for soil removal and replacement, providing a significant financial impact. Two steering cylinders help make the ARR 1575 responsive and precise, while the oscillation feature provides excellent stability on uneven surface of a ditch.

Option for ACEecon, see other image for reference. The system, ACEecon, eliminates guesswork by measuring compaction progress in real time. The information is communicated to the operator via an LED display on top of the machine.


Operating weight1340 kg
Operating width640mm / 850mm
Centrifugal force75 / 36 kN
Frequency41 Hz


  • Operating speed 20m/min
  • Climbing ability 50%
  • Amplitude 1.1 mm
  • Frequency 41 hz
  • Centrifugal Force 75 kn max
  • Powered by Yanmar Water Cooled Diesel
  • Even distribution of directed compaction force
  • Cable and/or infrared remote control
  • Optional ACEecon – to measure compaction progress in real time

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