5 kWP Container Top Solar System

5 kWh Makinex add-on Solar System with build in electrical safety for container tops


The CTS5 Container is a practical solution for solar power suitable for installation on a container roof. With built in electrical safety and a wind rating it is a perfect partner for the BESS10.


Output Power 5 kW


  • Solar array 5kWp
  • Wind rated with external engineering certificate for Category A and B
  • AC coupled solar (integrated inverter system) – we provide a 20A 230V hardwire or plug output lead which can be plugged into the AC bus of any HPS or BESS system
  • Uses frequency shifting to back off the output when the connected BESS or HPS hits 100% state of charge (prevents overcharging of batteries).
  • Built-in electrical safety – no power will be output until its connected to a HPS or BESS – immediately switches its output off in the event that it gets unplugged or a shovel cuts the cord!
  • Works perfectly with a BESS10 using one of the bidirectional 32A sockets – leaving the other 2 for connecting loads.  Add a little Honda or Lowboy and you’ve got a good low cost, plug and play, simple system!
  • Lifting lugs for using a hiab / crane
  • Forklift pockets for easy deployment
  • ISO locks for locking into any 20ft container
  • Future ground-mount kits for mounting 300mm from ground level, also working on raised kits so they can be deployed without 20ft container and providing shaded area

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