30-36″ J3036H55 Edging Trowel

The Whitenab J3036H55 edging trowel easily converts from 36” to 30” edger by removing outer ring sections


The MQ Whiteman edging trowels enable the operator to finish tight to the wall without marking or marring. Easily manoeuvres around obstacles. Patented ABS plastic rotating ring resists concrete build up. Easily converts from 36” to 30” edger by removing outer ring sections. Comes completely assembled in the 36” configuration. Additional blades for 30” conversion shipped as well.


Diameter of guard ring30" / 36" max. 915mm max
Rotor speed60 -115 RPM
EngineHonda GX160 5.0hp OHC petrol engine


  • 30-36-inch (915 mm) guard ring diameter for edger model and standard model
  • Easily converts from 36” to 30” by removing outer ring
  • Trowel covered by 1-year limited warranty
  • Front access panel provides quick access to trowel arms and blades
  • Centre mount lifting hook included
  • Spider and thrust collar assembly design simplifies routine maintenance
  • Gearbox features top quality components & large oil capacity for years of trouble-free performance
  • Optimally balanced for smooth finishing
  • Handles available with either QuickPitch or Standard (knob type) pitch control
  • 4 blades

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