Core Drill Blocks

Core Drill Blocks, made from durable and hard-wearing material guides core drills for safe, accurate and clean holes.


Designed to guide the core drill for accurate pinpoint position. Eliminate the need for drill frames. Designed for the core drilling contractor, designed to improve the accuracy and safety of core drilling for a range of diameters from 32mm – 250mm. Core drill blocks are good for approximately 80-100 holes depending on the user and the substrate to be drilled.

Ideal for pro concrete cutters, contractors and civil, even plumbers and electricians.


Sizes 32mm - 250 mm


  • Made from Polystone 7000 SH UHMWPE an ultra high molecular polyethylene
  • High resistance to wear
  • Can last for 80-100 holes depending upon user and substrate being drilled
  • Range from 32mm – 250mm
  • 33 sizes available
  • Comes with a bolt