Battery Powered 1.7 Ton HD17VXB KATO Mini Excavator

Battery Powered 1.7 Ton zero tail swing KATO mini excavator with a 8 hour run time has exceptional digging depth and dump height


The zero tail swing KATO HD17VXB features industry leading digging depth, dump height, reach and break-out force. Power and speed of excavation are assured when working in confined spaces. Ideal for landscapers, drain layers, civil contractors and Hire.

Battery-powered, this mini-excavator’s zero emission operation increases efficiency and ROI on jobsites in sterile environments or with regulatory emission caps, reducing your crew’s prep and clean up time. 8 hour run time and 8 hour charge time or 25% recharge in 1 hour. Operator comfort is excellent thanks to the adjustable spring seat, horizontal adjustment, tilting backrest and ergonomic layout of the controls. It is equipped as standard with servo-assisted joysticks that ensure the utmost precision.

Thanks to the expanding track frame (980 – 1300 mm) the HD17VXB ensures considerable safety and operational stability during site excavation and lifting operations in confined spaces or on particularly uneven or steep ground.


Operating Weight1905 kg
Bucket Digging Force16.4 kN
Front Radius1498mm . At right boom swing = 1270mm
Track Width980mm - 1300mm


  • Quick change from wide to narrow mode
  • Retractable dozer blade with extensions
  • Easy maintenance with wide opening engine covers
  • Hydraulic system flow
  • Segmented boom cylinder hose for easy replacement
  • 4 Post canopy ROPS as standard
  • Extremely powerful 3 pump hydraulic system

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