• PG510 Planetary Head Grinder

    PG510 Planetary Head Grinder


    The PG 510 is a planetary floor grinder with three grinding discs and a total grinding width of 515 mm. It is suitable for removing coatings, grinding and polishing concrete, etc. The grinding head on the PG 510 is effectively sealed to keep dust and moisture out. This greatly extends the lifetime of the bearings and belts. The PG 510 is ideal as a rental machine and suitable for both professional and semi-professional work. Quick-release couplings allow the grinding head to be separated from the chassis which can then be easily folded for transport. The grinder also has a digital hour meter.

    Brand: Husqvarna




    • Powerful 3-phase.
    • Triple-headed grinder suitable for a wide range of applications.
    • The speed is fixed and so no settings are requiredl.
    • Long machinery service life thanks to the 5-way sealing mechanism.
    • Weight just 133 kg.
    • Low tool cost.
    • Ease of manoeuvrability and enhanced operator control.
    • Grinding width 515mm

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