Billennium B1890 Quick-Pro EVO Tracked Spiderboom

Almac Billennium B1890 EVO Quick-Pro with a working height of 18M is an all-terrain spider boom ideal for uneven terrain

B1890 EVO Quick-Pro

The BT LINE range of Spiderboom combines the characteristics of self-propelled wheeled aerial platforms and stabilised tracked aerial platforms. The benefit of B1890 is the ability to move at a height of 9M while self-levelling to adjust to uneven terrain.

This Spiderboom model reaches a working height 18 metres and is variable in Quick-Pro. with a hydraulic expanding tracks system. Also available in the diesel endothermic with the EVO version.


Weight2940 kg
Working height18M
Capacity250 kg
PowerHATZ 1B40 Diesel


  • 16.0M Basket floor
  • Moving height 9.0M
  • Max Outreach: 80kg:10.9M / 140kg:9.8M / 200kg:8.8M / 250kg:8.1M
  • Rotation angle: +/-190 percent
  • Basket size: 1.48 x 0.74M
  • Basket rotation angle +/- 70 degrees
  • Min working width: 0.79M
  • Working width on tracks: 1.39M
  • Longitudinal levelling by SPS +/- 10 percent
  • Lateral levelling +/- 15 percent
  • Stabilisation: Quick-PRO, select directly forn the control panel for a narrow stabilisation area of 4.29M x 2.76M to a wide stabilisation area of 4.97M x 3.65M with 4 different partial stabilisation areas.
  • Drive speed: 2.5 km/h
  • Security speed: 0.4 Km/h
  • Non-marking tracks
  • Engine: 2TNV70 – Yanmar diesel 10.2kw – 13.9 Hp
  • Also powered by 240V electric
  • Hydraulic expanding tracks
  • Wired remote and ground controls

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