Battery-Powered Mikasa 75kg Rammer

Mikasa MTe55 75kg battery powered trench rammer is suitable for contractor or hire company, low maintenance and great compaction adn zero emissions


Mikasa Trench rammers are world leaders for balance, compaction, ease of operation and functionality. All these features add up to high work efficiency and less operator fatigue.

The Mikasa battery powered 75kg rammer is a zero emission unit that emits mo exhaust fumes and does not pollute the air, an air cleaner system with 3 times the dust holding capacity of others, VAS handle ( vibration absorbing handles system) reduces vibration to the operator meaning longer run times, heavy duty ribbed bellows with 2 year warranty against failure and one piece pressed wooden foot with a hardened steel plate.

Mikasa Rammers suit any contractor or hire company where longevity, low maintenance, superb compaction and zero emissions is needed.


Weight 75kg including power unit battery
Plate (mm) 340 x 265
Impact Force 10.8kN
Engine Honda 1.6 kW DC power unit


  • Blows per minute 574-689
  • Jumping Stroke 30-70mm
  • Selectable three speeds according to the roadbed condition and the work
  • Mikasa ribbed bellows with 2 year warranty
  • 4 stage air cleaner system
  • Lifting point on handle
  • Transport roller fitted to main handle for ease of loading
  • Transport handle on the foot