AIR-EX Excavating Tool

The AIR-EX is the industry leading tool for ground decompaction & clearance of spoil from underground assets.


With air speeds of up to 2135 kph & with pressures up to & exceeding 120psi, this tool enables safe, effective, stress free excavation around buried fibre optics, gas, water or electric. 

Our Vulcanex Nozzles, with non-sparking tips, concentrate the air flow into a high velocity stream jet that penetrates & dislodges the soil in milliseconds, without damage to buried objects.  


Length of body (mm)Type A: 755 / Type B: 1000 / Type C 1335
Weight (kg) of handle and bodyType A: 1.75 / Type B: 2 / Type C: 2
Compressor (cfm)40 - 180 CFM


  • Pressure 72 – 174 psi or 5-12 bar
  • dB level: 93 dB (close to compressor)
  • HAVS: zero
  • Effective ‘cut’: typically around 100mm
  • Complies to BS3054:1959 (Firemans axe)
  • Tested to BS ENG 61235:1995 (live working – insulating hollow tubes for electrical working)
  • H.V. Test:75 kV

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