T-VAC Trailer Vacuum Excavator

‘T-VAC 2' trailer vacuum air excavator is capable of excavating most types of ground (wet or dry).

T-VAC Trailer

The T-VAC 2 is powerful, compact and is mounted on a trailer for flexibility and affordability. It delivers more power with a host of additional features. Capable of excavating most types of ground (wet or dry) by utilising optional high-pressure water and/or compressed air.

Its small footprint allows access to an array of sites where access is space limited, such as tight streets and along busy roads. Ideal for ground excavation in utility, construction and hire industries: pipelaying, rail works, cable laying, gas, road works, tunnelling, arborculture, military, airports, municipal, building, environmental, hydro-demolition and petro-chemical.


Hose inlet150mm / 6"
Skip capacity1.0 m3


  • Weight 1950 kg – including optional TV2-ARM-K2
  • Max tipping 3150mm – can vary depending on support leg extension and towing hitch height
  • Height – 2130mm
  • Width – 1750mm
  • Length – 3280mm (includes trailer)
  • Vacuum: Twin turbine


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