Ligchine's Laser Guided Concrete Screed with 3M screed head and 5.5m boom extension with screed rate of up to 789 square metres per hour


The SCREEDSAVER ELITE® from Ligchine comes equipped with a drive system that allows BOTH the upper boom frame AND the lower drive frame to independently rotate 360 degrees. With this in mind the PRO laser guided concrete screeding machine sets the bar for screed maneouvrability. The PRO also features a touch screen display, additive screed head spray bar and powerful Kubota diesel engine.


Weight 2209kg
Length (M) 4.5
Height (M)1.39
Engine Kubota V1505, 4-cylinder / 3000 rpm diesel


  • Width: 1.9m
  • Length: 4.5m
  • Height: 1.39m
  • Weight: 2209kg
  • 2-wheel proportional drive
  • Side shift screed head length: 3.4m
  • Screed coverage per pass: 18.6 sq.m
  • Boom reach: 5.5m
  • 2D Laser levelling for Grade, Slope. Dual Scope Trimble LR30 Eyes.
  • Optional: Topcon 3D and LPS robotic.

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