Jibbi U-1570 LTH Tracked Articulated Boom

Almac Jibbi U-1570 Lithium battery powered articulating boom with a working height of 15.4M is ultralight and ideal for uneven terrain and has zero emissions

Jibbi U-1570 LTH

This JT LINE ultra light Jibbi boom with a crawler platform is produced with a special aluminium alloy that allows for a sturdy yet light structure. With a total weight of under 2900kg this machine is easy to transport with a standard trailer. Another benefit of the U-1570 battery powered lithium jibbi is the ability to move at a height of 9.5M while self-levelling to adjust to uneven terrain. Zero emissions means it is ideal for working inside as well as confined spaces.

This model reaches a working height 15.4 metres with a maximum load of 250 kg (2 operators) and a max. outreach of 7.4M. It also has a variable track width of 1.35M-2.45M for narrow work areas and access in confined spaces.


Weight2950 kg
Working height5.4M
Capacity250 kg
PowerLithium battery pack 300Ah-48V


  • 13.4M Basket floor
  • Moving height 15.4M
  • Max Outreach: 80kg:9.65M / 140kg:8.23M / 200kg:7.33M / 250kg:6.83M
  • Rotation angle: +/-110 percent
  • Basket size: 1.4 x 0.7M
  • Basket rotation angle +/- 90 degrees
  • Min working width: 0.79M
  • Working width on tracks: 1.39M
  • Max. Working width: 2.45M
  • Longitudinal levelling by SPS +/- 15 percent
  • Lateral levelling +/- 15 percent
  • Drive speed: 2.0 km/h
  • Security speed: 0.4 Km/h
  • Non-marking tracks
  • No 2 battery charger 20Ah-48V
  • Wired remote and ground controls
  • 6 hour recharging time

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