Vac-Ex 360-VAC Vacuum Excavator

The 360-VAC attachment converts an excavator into a wet and dry Vac-Ex air vacuum excavator.


The versatile 360-VAC attachment is attached to an digger hitch to excavate with small narrow footprint, allowing access into the tightest environments. 

Ideal for ground excavation in utility, construction and hire industries: pipelaying, rail works, cable laying, gas, road works, tunnelling, arborculture, military, airports, municipal, building, environmental, hydro-demolition and petro-chemical. Its multi-stage filtratin system extends machine life and prevents dangerous exhaust dust.


Hydraulic Requirements (1)140 - 200 l/min @ 250-280 bar
Hose inlet150mm / 6"
Skip capacity0.35 m3


  • Weight 1800 kg
  • Height: 2110mm
  • Width: 1500mm
  • Length: 2720mm
  • Fuel tank capacity: 20 Litres
  • Excavator Weight 15-25T
  • Vacuum Depth 6000mm
  • Standard Filtraion 5-10 micron
  • Single Turbine
  • Hydraulic Requirement (2) 147 l/min @ 172 bar

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